Research Team

The MRFI principally supports research into Meniere’s at The University of Sydney.



Dr. Daniel Brown, BSc, Hons, PhD

Dr Daniel Brown PHD was our Principal researcher. In 2019 he moved to Curtin University in Perth to start an additional research laboratory to continue his research into Meniere’s Disease.


Christopher Pastras – PhD

In 2019 Chris completed his PhD studies, and is continuing his research into the effects of endolymphatic hydrops on the vestibular system.

Em. Prof. Ian Curthoys PhD – details here and here

In 2019 Em. Prof. Curthoys took over from Daniel Brown as the head of the Meniere’s Research Laboratory at the Brain and Mind Centre.

Dr Aaron Camp PhD. 


In 2019 Aaron partnered with the Meniere’s Research team, as the principal investigator. It is anticipated that the Meniere’s Research team will re-locate into Aaron’s laboratories at the Medical Foundation Building.

Research Collaborators

Dr Payal Mukherjee – details here

Assoc. Prof. Hamish MacDougall – details here

3 thoughts on “Research Team

  1. Could we please have an update as to how for we are into understanding what causes hydrops, and how far away we are to trialling treatments. There doesn’t seem to be any update for years I am hoping the MRFI is still running and research is progressing.


    • Will update the site next week Scott. Sorry, it’s been a busy few months.. I’m in Austria at the moment.. At the Prosper Meniere’s Society meeting. Next week is very tight, but I should be able to get to the website thereafter. Cheers, Dan


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