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T-Shirt Anyone?


The Fund has 100 quality pre-shrunk cotton T-shirts emblazoned with our logo donated to us.  Like T-Fords, they only come in one colour – black- and sizes are limited.  They are free, but there’s a catch.

Want one? Please email us at with your pledge or proof of donation (via website or tax deductible receipt) for at least AUS$15.00 to cover postage and provide address and contact.  Please nominate the size you are after.  Not available to past donators. One per person per donation. (OK, all right, you may ask for one more if you are extra generous!)

When you get it, please take a photo and email it to us so we can post it on our “global champions” webpage (or just simply wear it with pride knowing you help fund the quest to cure Meniere’s Disease.)


Fund raising dinner and auction raises more than $45,000

The night featured the Melbourne Cup theme with prizes and raffle draws and culminated in a live auction where attendees feverishly bid for holidays, jewellery, sports memorabilia and artworks.

We are pleased to announce that over $45,000 was raised, to be carefully expended at the Fund’s Menieres Research Laboratory at the Brain and Mind Institute, Sydney, the only research facility in the world dedicated to finding a cure for Menieres.

The Fund thanks the Balmain Rotary Club members for the fantastic effort and hard work that made the event possible and to the attendees that gave their money so generously. A big thank you for all attendees and donators.  Click here for more photos…


Fund raising dinner and auction – 3 November 2010 – please join us!


2010 Annual Income realises nearly $400,000…


Funding for PHD graduate has been granted

2010 Annual Appeal for Fund’s has launched…


The Senate Enquiry into Hearing Services recommends Government work with Menieres Australia…

Recommendation 19 (chapter six)

The committee recommends that the Department of Health and Ageing works with Meniere’s Australia to identify opportunities for research into the prevalence of the Meniere’s disease in Australia, rates of diagnosis, options for treatment and personal management, and the socioeconomic impact of the disease, including on the employment and lifestyles of those affected.


What’s happening at the Fund?


$50,000 research grant to Professor Bill Gibson and Dr. Daniel Brown

Click here to Read More


Fanton Grant

Click here to Read More

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