Our Funding

Committee members are not entitled to receive reward for their efforts.  They are all volunteers.  This means that money raised and donated to our Fund is spent on the research programme itself.

The Sydney University does not charge our Fund any fee for administering and handling the money raised and collected.  Again, this means that money raised and donated to our Fund is spent on the research programme itself and not depleted by administration.

Donations to our Fund are as small as $5.00 or as large as many tens of thousands.  Funds come to us from individuals, corporations and philanthropic organisations through our appeals.  We accept donations by credit cards, cheque and direct debits and issue a receipt for all donations.  Anyone can donate and have their donation kept anonymous.  In addition to accepting donations and gifts, the Fund actively pursues grants from various corporate, medical and philanthropic organisations world wide and holds community based fundraising activities.

In conjunction with the Whirled Foundation, we now conduct our once-a-year appeal that is highly targeted towards the Meniere’s affected or interested community.

Over time, you will see “Our Target” funds thermometer of $2.5 million dollars (at right) fluctuate up and down as the money raised is spent on our research programme and as more funds are raised.

Due to privacy reasons, the Fund cannot disclose individual donations or provide breakdowns of line items.

2 thoughts on “Our Funding

  1. I want to donate today but this website gives me no assistance. May I suggest a download button for the donation form and an address to post the cheque to?
    My daughter and I attended the symposium in April.


    • Hi Tania,
      If you hover over the “Fundraising” tab on the page, you can select “Make a Donation”, which will take you to the Donation Site at The University of Sydney.

      That said, we will introduce a link to making donations on the ‘front-page’.

      Thank you for your feedback and support!


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